“I have subscribed to the Self Manager software and I find it really easy to use. I am pleased with the personal support from the team at Manage It when I have had any queries. I would definitely recommend subscribing to this if you have employees and use NDIS funding. The software is able to generate payslips and you can add timesheets easily. I have been using this software for almost 2 years and I think it’s great value for money.”
~ Maggie, subscriber

“A very efficient and user-friendly system for me to use. Any queries are dealt with very promptly. Very good pricing and excellent back-up. Karoline has been my contact over the years and she's very pro-active and friendly even when I ask silly questions! :) This all makes self-managing NDIS so much easier.”
~ Moira, subscriber

“Very satisfied with all setup assistance and ongoing help. All connections and updates are well advised before hand. Easy to use and very secure system”
~ Justin, NDIS participant nominee

“The Self Manager software makes managing our NDIS payments so easy, from weekly payments to support workers to tax reporting to the ATO. I’ve been using it for about 2½ years and the team are always so friendly and helpful when I need assistance. I’d highly recommend Manage-It and the Self Manager platform.”
~ Steve, NDIS participant nominee

“I self manage and find Self Manager easy to use and covers everything i need to manage my ndis. Helpful staff to talk to if i have ever had a problem and help me run thru anything i didn't understand.”
~ Chris, self managing NDIS participant

“After using the Self Manager for over a year in conjunction with the ATO’s Business Portal and Small Business Superannuation Clearing House I have developed some of the skills of a Payroll Clerk. I try to do the job with a level of professionalism and Self Manager makes it pretty easy. However, for me, the best part is that when I do make a mistake, help is only a phone call or email away. It’s like having an IT Department in my small business.”
~ Colin, NDIS participant nominee

“I have used Self Manager now for over 4 years. It is very easy to use, yet it provides me with a comprehensive payroll module for our support workers. It calculates PAYG tax and Superannuation and prepares weekly payslips from my timesheet entries. It is a quick and easy process which is so important with my busy lifestyle. The team from Self Manager are very quick to respond to calls, particularly in the early days when we were setting up the payroll. The monthly subscription fee is also funded under the NDIS”
~ Carol, NDIS participant nominee

“Self Manager is brilliant!! Self Managing a plan is hard enough however, with this brilliant accounting software, everything is so simple! From paying invoices, producing payslips to tracking budgets, Self Manager has it all…Love it”
~ Sue, NDIS participant nominee

“I've used Self manager for over a year and find it incredibly easy to use. It is so simple to set up multiple budgets (NDIS goals) and to track spending and hours used as well as remaining for the plan. The improved payroll system allows you to withhold additional tax which is a handy feature should the employee request it. The reporting feature is so easy to use to meet tax and superannuation obligations. A great program available on many platforms!”
~ Jason, self managing NDIS participant

“As a busy mum of two children receiving both WA NDIS and NDIS funding, I needed an easy-to-use payroll and payments program which could competently meet various reporting needs without huge monthly payments. Self Manager ticks all the boxes and is a straightforward and intuitive program for the non-accountant. It also includes an interactive calendar for current and future planning for my children's therapy supports and activities. Self Manager positively shines with its fabulous customer service! I have experienced ongoing personal support and quick replies to my sometimes frantic queries, which has made my fortnightly payroll much more manageable and, surprisingly, enjoyable!”
~ Kirsten, NDIS participant nominee

“Having the Self-Manager program has made self-managing possible. It makes pay roll simple by calculating the tax and superannuation. Has plenty of helpful features and reports and keeps track of your budgets in separate line items. Quite simply it does all the work for you once you enter some basic information. The latest update has made payroll even easier, a few minutes and pays are done. The ongoing support has been of a high standard and very prompt.””
~ Ingrid, NDIS participant nominee

“Self managing means a fair bit of responsibility for someone else's money. That's a bit of an understatement too - it is actually a big responsibility for a lot of money and this goes across a number of different areas (funding received in, wages paid out, self funding costs paid out, tax retained, tax paid to ATO, quarterly summaries, annual summaries, forms, forms and more forms.). The responsibility is there - and we accept and manage it! Pardon the pun - Manage It's Self Manager helps immensely. The program is specifically designed fit for purpose. I couldn't imagine accepting the responsibility and managing the payroll and admin without it. It is intuitive, and support and training was available to get us started and since we now use this weekly - we don't need help anymore but in the beginning we did - it was always available. The program is comprehensive and can help not only with wages and payment summaries but also budgeting and electronic document storage.”
~ Chris, NDIS participant nominee

“I’ve used Self Manager very happily ever since I first signed up! I love the autonomy of being able to log on and easily manage my funding and payments – such a quick and simple process which is important when fitting it all in around a busy life! And should I ever have any questions or problems I know the team are only an email or phone call away, which is great peace of mind.””
~ Katie, self managing NDIS participant

“Self Manager has streamlined all my paperwork into one easy to use program, I can easily keep track of both my children's funding, and make sure it balances with their bank accounts. There has been no more stuffing around with different apps & programs to keep track of time sheets, payslips, tax etc. also the staff have been very quick to respond and extremely helpful when I've had any questions”
~ Amy, mum of NDIS participants

“The software is very user friendly, even people who are not confident with computers can navigate the system with ease.This helps encourage families to take more control over their funding”
~ Wendy, Service Provider offering shared management